Chapter 13 - 341 Meetings of Creditors

341 Meetings of Creditors will be held by video conferencing through Zoom. Future hearings will be posted below. Please check back regularly for future hearing information.


Effective January 1, 2021, the Trustee's office will cease accepting documents through the FTP site or by email. Instead, all documents must be uploaded to Bankruptcy Documents by visiting, a secure file transfer service used by many Chapter 13 trustees. You must register an account in order to send documents by clicking here. If you need additional help with registering and uploading documents, click on the PDF
Bankruptcy Documents Registration & Uploading Instructions.

Instructions for Attending a 341 Meeting Via Zoom Video Conference

Effective immediately and until further notice, 341(a) Meetings of Creditors will be conducted via video conference. The structure and criteria of a traditional meeting will still apply, including the requirements for debtors to present appropriate identification and answer all of the required UST questions.

Language Assistance:

Counsel, if your client needs language assistance, please notify our office in advance of the hearing so we can be prepared to conference in the language interpreter.


Below you will find specific instructions as well as a flowchart diagramming the Zoom meeting process. Generally, the meetings will be held on the hour. Approximately 4 to 6 cases will be called each hour.

Debtor(s) identification and social security number will need to be verified prior to the meeting. Please review the Identification and Social Security Verification document for more information. Copies of the Debtor(s) identification and proof of social security number need to be uploaded through Bankruptcy Documents along with your Affidavit or Declaration. If you do not have access to Bankruptcy Documents, you must register an account by clicking here.

Please test the Zoom conferencing with your clients before joining the 341(a) meeting. All cases for the hour will be in one room, and then the cases being heard will be moved to the meeting room.


Creditors, please inform our office that you will be attending at least 24 hours in advance of the hearing by phone (559) 275-9512 or email

General Rules:

Please arrange to be in a quite area from whatever location you are calling. Please turn off radios, TV's, music players or any other extraneous noise that might interfere with the conduct of the meeting. You should arrange that children, pets, or any other non-participants in the hearing are excluded from your calling space for the duration of the hearing.

If for any reason you are disconnected or the conference is terminated early due to technical problems and your case has not been called, please log back in to the Meeting ID provided in the PDF by clicking the correct 341 meeting date below.

Meeting Instructions for Zoom by Computer, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone (see flowchart):

    • 1. Click on the appropriate 341 hearing date below, and use the link listed to join the correct room. You can access the 341(a) meeting with any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a camera.

    • 2. Please download and run the application to install Zoom on your computer/laptop. If you cannot download or run the application, click the "join from your browser" link and it will automatically install the Zoom application. (For Computers and Laptops)

    • 3. If you are using a tablet or smartphone, please download the "Zoom Cloud Meetings" app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store in advance of the meeting.

    • 4. When logging in, please use your FIRST and LAST name so we know who is in the room.

    • 5. Join the room 10 minutes prior to your scheduled hearing, and test your audio and video feeds.

    • 6. We are conducting multiple 341s each hour, and you will not be brought into the room until your case is called.

    • 7. If you need language assistance, please let us know in advance of the hearing so we can make the necessary arrangements.

    • 8. Contact our office at (559) 275-9512 if you have any questions or technical difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the trustee be filing Notices of Default or Motions to Dismiss for failure to make plan payments?

The trustee does not have the authority to change the courts order requiring the debtor(s) to make payments, unilaterally. The trustee is attempting to use sound business judgment in a difficult time to facilitate the needs of all constituents.

What other changes can we expect?

The basis requirement to confirm a chapter 13 case will not change. There will be no shortcut in the requirements or procedures. However, the trustee believes that the ability to schedule 341 meetings without regard to the availability of a physical room or the days the trustee would normally travel to Bakersfield will make the process more expedient for all constituents.

Notice: This web site is provided with the understanding that the Chapter 13 Trustee Office is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional services. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent person should be sought.